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essays, articles, commentary

In his award-winning columns and commentaries, Dave has made many peculiar observations.  He hopes for an opportunity to observe you.

On Proms
“Selection of the prom location, band, decor and other details are generally the responsibility of the Prom Committee, an ad hoc group of student planners who are assisted by a teacher volunteer skilled in explaining such terms as "ad hoc." Although prom committees tend to be made up of such diverse personalities as the "popular kids," the "brains," the "jocks" and the "whiners," they all must work as a team to create the perfect prom experience for everyone. Remember, there's no ‘I’ in ‘prom,’ unless the jocks spell it.”

On housebreaking a dog
“When I was a lad growing up in the 60s, the only accepted way for the lay person to housebreak a puppy was to ‘Rub His Nose In It’, a strategy that, coincidentally, reflected the Johnson Administration’s foreign policy.

On summer camp
“Summer’s here, and with it the challenge of providing fun activities for your children that will transform their summertime complaints of ‘I’m bored!’ into satisfied cries of ‘I’m hot and tired!’”

On the Thanksgiving meal kids’ table
“Location of the kids table is fundamental to a successful dinner. It should be situated so that children are a good distance from the adults but still are conveniently close to downtown shopping and good schools.”

"I'm often astonished by what I find in the basement, or even that I have a basement. I rarely go down there because
that's where we keep all our spiders."

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