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When it comes to communications, words are the life’s blood of every business.  Except for blood banks, of course, where blood is the life’s blood. 

Dave Jaffe, a richly experienced wordsmith, editor and media strategist, understands the value of words.  Why, he even uses them in his name (Note the “Dave” and the “Jaffe.”)

Well-written copy is the public face of your company. But well-written and clever copy is what makes
your story, your message, your business persona memorable.

With extensive writing and marketing know-how in new media, print, television and radio, Dave creates crisp, focused copy that solves your communication needs– from web content, newsletters and brochures to corporate blog posts, video scripts and news features.  Add in Dave’s quirky viewpoint and your result is a message that breaks through the communications clutter.

Creative, clever, witty – these are traits that kept Dave in detention for most of the eighth grade. But as an adult these skills lead to award-winning columns and commentary, numerous magazine articles and essays, a local Emmy nomination for a television documentary, and even sketches for Bozo the Clown.

Contact Dave for communications thinking that’s not just outside the box, but off the coffee table and onto the rug.

"Dave understands the value of words. Why, he even uses them in his name."

Web content
Jaffe Communications creates targeted, effective web content.
Copywriting, editing
Jaffe Communications provides newsletters, releases and other copywriting, editing services.
Essays, commentary
Jaffe Communications can tell your story in an essay, article and feature.
Media strategies
Dave Jaffe Communications develops strategic programs to reach your target audiences.
Jaffe Communications can write copy much, much funnier than this!
Broadcast, scripts
Dave Jaffe Communications offers professional scriptwriting services.

"Creative, clever, witty - these are the traits that kept Dave in detention for most of the eighth grade."

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